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About Bikelijn

Bikelijn started because of shared love for stroopwafels on FriYAY Koffiekoekje rides. But it ended up being so much more than that.

The name Bikelijn is linked to me, Carlijn. A Dutchie that moved from The Netherlands to Australia in 2013. She explains the pronunciation of her name as it being a combination of 'car' and 'line'. A friend once joked 'But you're not a car, you're a bike’. That was the moment the name Bikelijn was born. 

Passion for cycling and events

My passion for cycling events started when I got a job at Bicycle NSW in 2015. As an event manager there, I was responsible for organising and managing two major cycling events in the city: Spring Cycle and Gear Up Girl.  Starting this job, I was using the bike as a mode of transport, didn't like riding more than 10km and Bikelijn was definitely not a thing yet. But during my time at Bicycle NSW, I became more and more passionate about advocating for cycling in NSW. Soon after starting the new job I purchased a road bike from my local bike shop ParkBikes, abandoned my running shoes and started to explore Greater Sydney by bike.

The more I rode a bike and participated in cycling events myself, the more I started to love this event world. I always have been the one in my group of friends who organised get-togethers, planned the holidays for the family and had a thousand structured lists of everything and anything you can imagine. I am glad that I got an entry into the event work via Bicycle NSW in 2015. From here on I was able to secure an exciting job with Sport Projects in Melbourne in 2019, working on some major running and professional track- and road cycling events. In 2018, when the World Championships in Wollongong were announced, I knew what goal I wanted to work towards. It was a great personal achievement to be able to work as the Sport and Course Manager on this world class event alongside some great event professionals. My career has been an epic challenge, like any event is. But that challenge has been the thing that I have loved the most about working in events!

FriYAY Koffiekoekje
After buying my road bike in Sydney and with my love to organise things, I encouraged a bunch of running friends to get together. The friends were either currently not running due to injury or had a dusty bike lying around in their garage. Encouraged by the idea of coffees after an easy ride, the group started to get together for a ride on Friday mornings. This soon became a weekly thing that slowly grew in numbers as the word spread and friends of friends joined. The Bikelijn group has always encouraged new riders to join, as there weren't many groups open to new and insecure bunch riders. The ide was never at a set pace but simply took the ‘fastest way to coffee’. This meant that the ride definitely was not the fastest in speed, but the shortest way in distance to the coffee shop.

Beers & Bikes

In line with my view that the bike is the best mode of transport, I like to get my friends together for a ride between breweries every now and then. This is my way of showing those that are hesitant about riding bikes, that taking quiet residential backstreets will get you from A to B faster than most motorised vehicles will. These rides between breweries, 'Beers & Bikes’, soon became something everyone loved to partake in. So far there have been 9 editions and 21 breweries have been visited.

Bikelijn routes

Throughout the years, I have created and ridden many different routes in Australia. My friends often come to me for advice on where to ride. Realising that this was something I could share with a wider audience, I started collecting these routes in one place.
Going away on a trip and having to do the legwork to try and find where to ride, is considered fun by me but this is definitely not viewed that way by everyone. That is the reason that I have put some of the great routes into a bicycle map that you can find on this website. Head over to the routes tab to find your next adventure. 

Make sure to check whether your favourite route is in there and if not, submit it via the form on this website as Bikelijn wants to grow this route map to provide safe and enjoyable options for riding to each and every one. 

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