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  • What is all this Bikelijn business?
    We are just a bunch of people riding on two wheels, chasing a good sunrise and a hot coffee. Preferably served with a stroopwafel or almond croissant. Bikelijn is not an official cycling club. Nor will Bikelijn cover riders, that choose to join a ride with other Bikelijn members, for any personal or 3rd party liability insurance
  • Why can't I view the route map on my phone?
    Bikelijn is just run by a crazy event manager, not a IT or software geek. Carlijn has done the best she can. She worked deep into the night on this website and poured some of her hot choccy money into the idea. Still, viewing the map on a phone couldn't be solved with any of those efforts. Here is to hoping that you will have enough energy to get up to the hallway, grab your bag and pull out an old skool laptop to have a look at the routes.
  • This map is great, but how do I use it?"
    Let's give you a short run down on what to do. In general it works just as you would normally use Google Maps. Zoom in and out to find a place you want to look at routes. Have you found an area you want to look at, you can click on the route and have a look at the information displayed in the information box that showed up on the left. As an example, I went looking for a route near Goulburn and have found the following route that looks interesting. In this box you can read about the ride, find the key information and also download the GPX file for your bike computer. If you wish to look at a list of routes per state, click on the green cirlce. An information box will pop up on the left with a list of all the routes per state. You can then click on something that sounds interesting to you and you will be taken to that route. Want to look at the route map in the Google Maps browser, click on the expand logo pointed out by the blue arrow. A new tab will open up with the map in a Google Maps browser. From there, you can use the map as explained above. Lastly, the red arrow will give you the option to save the map to your Google Maps account. This means that when you open the Google Maps app, while logged into the same account, on another device the map will be visible under the 'saved' button and the most righthand header 'maps'.
  • The GPX file I downloaded is not a GPX file... HELP?
    Oh hi Macbook owner! Downloading the GPX file from one of the Bikelijn maps on an Apple device will give you a file named something like this: [name of ride].GPX.XML To make sure you can transfer it to your bikecomputer, you will have to do the following: 1. Go to the file 2. Click to rename the file 3. Take away the .XML, leaving the GPX 4. Save and TADA, it's ready!
  • I've got some tips for a route that is already on your map
    Look, let's be honest. Bikelijn definitely has not test ridden all of these rides on the maps. It could definitely be true that you have way more knowledge about some of the routes on the map. Would you have a suggestion for a change to a current route, please shoot us a message via the contact form on this website. Make sure to mention what route you are referring to, what changes you would suggest and the reason you are suggesting that change. We would be super grateful for those local tips!
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