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Why bike packing?

In the European summer of 2023, I went on a 105 day bike ride and rode 7220km through Europe. Yes, I went on my own and it was the best thing!

This #Dutchieonabikeride trip was my first ever long-distance bike packing tour. Thanks to some epic friends, I got a few tips before I headed off. I definitely made some mistakes at the start of the trip, but I also quickly learned a lot of things by just doing it. 

Why did I go on my own for so long?

When cycling from A to B, you take in your surroundings way more than when you are driving or sitting on a train. You get to experience the highs and low of the places you go through, get to chat to the locals and you are forced to take it slow when the roads go up.

Why camping?

During my entire trip, I tried to camp as much as possible, because it is cheap! You get to be out in nature from the moment you wake up till the moment you fall asleep. Some will even camp on the side of the roads, in bushes or in the forest. But I liked a little luxury and a shower at the end of a day of cycling., hence why I always chose to stay camp sites during my trip.

Why on you own?

Riding on your own is great for many reasons. People start conversations way quicker when someone is sitting alone or riding alone than when it is a couple or a group of friends.

On my trip in 2023, I got to meet some awesome people along the way:

- Marion and Austin, newlyweds from America who were riding their bikes from Nantes to Budapest and with whom I enjoyed some epic days along the Donau

- Johannes, who I rode with for only half an hour or so, but who knew a guy from my cycling club back in Sydney

- A Dutch couple at the border of Luxembourg, who checked on me first thing in the morning to make sure I wasn't frozen to death after a two degree night in my tent

- Philipp, my German mate. I yelled at him 'Nice bike' when he rode past me up a hill in Czech Republic and with whom I ended up riding for a while. Then I rode to his home town Jena for a few more days of bike packing together and even after the trip we kept in contact!

So yeah, I'd definitely recommend go on your own. Make new friends for a day, a week of forever. Cherish the days you don't have to speak to anyone. Those moments you can sing from the top of your longs because no one is around. And mostly enjoy your own company.

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