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Plan your route

The beauty of a holiday is that you can do heaps or almost no planning!
But a bit of planning might be smart for a bike trip, so I'll tell you what I did (wrong)!

Of course, as you can expect from an event manager, I planned my big 'event' slightly differently than most 'normal' bike packers. There were hours of reading about routes, downloading routes, mapping routes, changing mapped routes, looking at Google Street View, finding campsites through various websites, checking out Google again and of course making a massive spreadsheet.

Not everything was necessary to do, but being unemployed at that moment in life, I had the time to overthink and spend all the time doing these things. But when planning my next trip, I will 100% do certain things I did again. While I will skip some of the excessive overthinking I did for the trip in 2023.


Below is an outline of what I did to plan my route and would or wouldn't do again.

IMG_2871 2.HEIC

Start/end point

Let's start with planning the route. For some, this will be an important thing to do ahead of departure, while others will prefer to leave it open-ended and figure it out on the go. Both options are of course totally fine. However, I did love the fact that I 'overplanned' my route for this trip in the summer of 2023. 

Maybe a good thing to start is to decide where you want to start and finish. For me, I knew I wanted to do a loop, starting and ending in my hometown of Delft. I didn't want to have to worry about packing my bike and bags up for a train or a plane ride. Plus I felt that riding a loop would also give me a greater sense of achievement.

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